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GreenLink Forest Stewards - the 'green link' between forest management excellence and worldwide demand for sustainably sourced forest products.
Welcome to GreenLink

GreenLink Forest Resources LLC was founded to offer FSC group certification to private landowners of the Carolinas and Georgia in a cost effective manner through the GreenLink Forest Stewards Group. Learn more here about how your land stewardship can become part of the ‘green link’ in the global supply chain for forest products.

leafOur Vision Statement

Members of the GreenLink Forest Stewards Group fully recognize and take seriously our responsibilities as stewards of the natural resources that are under our care. By managing our forests in a healthy and productive manner, we strive to produce sustainable products and maintain natural ecological functions for the benefit of our families, organizations, local communities and the global society as a whole.

leafOur Group Principles

In an effort to promote responsible forest management around the world the Forest Stewardship Council developed principles that when followed, could contribute to a more sustainable forestland base throughout the world and lead to more sustainable communities that depend on the forests for their economic and spiritual well-being. GreenLink Forest Stewards recognizes that we live in an interdependent world where forest products are managed and traded on a global basis. By following the principles set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council™, it is our hope that our members can assist in marketing forest products to the world that are assured to come from lands that are managed to be economically, biologically and socially sustainable.


The Green Link between forest management excellence and worldwide demand for sustainably sourced forest products.


A new FSC® Group Certification model for small to medium sized landowners specifically adapted to the realities of southern forest management.


An independently managed FSC® Group working on behalf of private landowners with no direct affiliation with any particular industry, conservation, consulting, TIMO or government organization.


A one-time new member enrollment fee of $1.00 per forested acre and a yearly management fee of 35 cents per acre per year makes participation affordable to virtually every landowner serious about the continuous improvement process for their forest management practices.


The Group Manager is a Society of American Foresters Certified Forester with over 10 years experience managing FSC® certified timberland in South Carolina.


GreenLink Forest Stewards GreenLink Forest Resources, LLC is Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Group Certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Forest Stewardship Council Rainforest Alliance
For more information, contact Chester (Ched) Kearse, Jr. by using the contact form on this site, email: greenlinkstewards@gmail.com,
or call: (803) 368-8130 - office or (803) 383-2948 - cell. GreenLink Forest Resources, LLC, PO Box 138, Olar, SC 29843
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